Top 4 Dating Mistakes Women Make

Not everyone is a pro at dating, as many mistakes are often unavoidable. The best thing we can do is learn for our past mistakes and avoid them as we form new relationships.

Here are the top four dating mistakes women make.

Selling ourselves short

If we feel that we don’t deserve love, how can we actually find love? There is a saying that you attract when you think you deserve. If we think we deserve a good man, we will be more susceptible to attracting the wrong man.

Trying to fix the bad boy

Having a toxic relationship and put a toll on anybody, especially when you’ve been together for so long or have been flying solo. A toxic relationship will do more harm than good. Know when to cut your losses and move on without the bad boy.

Becoming too available

While you shouldn’t play games in a relationship, allow yourself to have your own time out with your friends. Many women tend to wait by the phone or cancel their plans to meet their date instead. Give them something to work for and stay interested in. The more available you make yourself, the less effort he will put into it.

Aiming for perfect

We don’t recommend that you should settle for less than you deserve, but striving for perfect in a partner will only set yourself up for failure. Look for qualities such as being honest, intellectual, and charming should be must-haves, while model looks should be a “desired” category.

Resist the urge to choose less than you deserve and what is good for you. Aim for a quality relationship that allows you to be happy and supportive for each other.

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Rules of Dating Past the Age of 25

Find yourself exhausted from late night outs with your friends or simply not interested in all the hot spots for the younger generation Dating after 25 doesn’t mean you’re too old to have fun but also means that you might be ready for something serious.

Here are Five Rules of Dating Past the Age of 25.

Age is just a number

Allow yourself to be open to dating someone younger or older than you. Does age matter to you? In this day in age, it shouldn’t. What is important is the connection and support within the relationship. Enjoying time with someone you love means more than age.

Know exactly what you want

In your early 20s, you might have wanted someone you can have fun with and go out to all the best restaurants. But now, you may want more than a fun night out on the town. If you never thought about what you want in a partner, now is the time to figure it out. Sit down and write down what you’re looking for and set the list aside. Read it again carefully within the next few days and see if these qualities are what you want.

Leave the past where it should be

Everyone has dealt with some form of heartbreak in the past that can seem to haunt us years after. Allow yourself to make peace and leave the past where it should be: in the past. We all have regrets but how we deal with it will make all the difference.

Allow Yourself to Let Your Guard Down

Even if you thought you met Mr. Perfect or the one that got away, refrain from letting your guard up. If you refuse to let anyone in, you may not find the one in the process. When the time is right, you will meet someone who will give you no choice but to let your guard down.

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4 Tips for Dating in Your 30s

Looking to step up your game plan now that you’re in your 30s? Dating isn’t always easy no matter what your age is. In fact, dating can be better later in life than it was in your early 20s.

Here are four tips for dating in your 30s.

Tip #1: Know Exactly What You’re Looking For

Before you start trying to find love, take the chance of meeting someone new in a public setting like the neighborhood bookstore or a coffee shop. Men and women interested in marriage and serious relationships tend to enjoy their life offline rather than on the net.

Before you meet a potential suitor, understand what it is you’re looking for in a partner instead of searching through multiple dates. Chance meetings and sudden affairs might be great at the moment, but meeting someone with the attributes that complement yours will benefit you both in the long term.

Tip #2: Make the Strategic Effort

You can meet your potential partner anywhere, but it may not always be where you spend most of your time. Make an effort to position yourself in unexpected places to meet like-minded people are who always looking for long-term relationships. You can try online dating, tap into your social network, and more.

Tip #3: Set Boundaries

Make a self-date for a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and think about your behaviors in life and dating. What didn’t work in the past that you only noticed now? What did others do that made you lose faith in dating? Get specific about the actions you’ve made and what you think you should change.

Tip #4: Identify and Skip the Dead Ends

You’ve met your fair share of people who might improve quality for your “file of regrets.” But consider the risks you were willing to take on them. Give yourself time to get over those mistakes and look past the negative lessons. The efforts you made can teach you a lot about how far you are willing to go and what you want in your life.

Follow these tips for dating in your 30s and take the dating game head one. You never know who you might find.