Top 4 Dating Mistakes Women Make

Not everyone is a pro at dating, as many mistakes are often unavoidable. The best thing we can do is learn for our past mistakes and avoid them as we form new relationships.

Here are the top four dating mistakes women make.

Selling ourselves short

If we feel that we don’t deserve love, how can we actually find love? There is a saying that you attract when you think you deserve. If we think we deserve a good man, we will be more susceptible to attracting the wrong man.

Trying to fix the bad boy

Having a toxic relationship and put a toll on anybody, especially when you’ve been together for so long or have been flying solo. A toxic relationship will do more harm than good. Know when to cut your losses and move on without the bad boy.

Becoming too available

While you shouldn’t play games in a relationship, allow yourself to have your own time out with your friends. Many women tend to wait by the phone or cancel their plans to meet their date instead. Give them something to work for and stay interested in. The more available you make yourself, the less effort he will put into it.

Aiming for perfect

We don’t recommend that you should settle for less than you deserve, but striving for perfect in a partner will only set yourself up for failure. Look for qualities such as being honest, intellectual, and charming should be must-haves, while model looks should be a “desired” category.

Resist the urge to choose less than you deserve and what is good for you. Aim for a quality relationship that allows you to be happy and supportive for each other.

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